OPPO A54 Smart Phone


The Oppo A54 is a high powered smart phone from Sony. It is loaded with features that are not seen on other smart phones. For example, it has a virtual navigation key on its home button which aids in finding where you are in real time. You can access your contacts, maps and navigate to the nearest bus stop in just one click of the button. Moreover, the OPPO A544S Bluetooth wireless adapter along with the free MMS service allow you to share pictures, videos and text messages to friends with the push of a button. OPPO A54

Long lasting battery With the help of an innovative charging technology, the OPPO A544 gives you the longest capacity of any A544 Smart Phone. The built in Quick Charge Technology helps in the quick charging of the battery within an hour of being plugged in. Once charged, OPPO A544 gives you the benefit of viewing YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, IM and many more without the fear of low memory or running out of power. This Oppo A544 Smart Phone photo is for commercial use only.

Compact and powerful camera The OPPO A544S is loaded with a 16 MP selfies and a large range of video and photo options. With a 2.0 MP front camera, the OPPO A544 is the perfect device for capturing your special moments. The front camera of the A544 is just like the ones used by the iPhone and iPad. Even though the OPPO A544S does not have a flash, you can still take better quality photos using the self portraits mode.

The OPPO A554 has the most advanced technology of the mobile phones with the Super AMOLED Plus technology. Super AMOLED Plus technology delivers an optimum viewing pleasure along with accuracy, clarity and vibrant color intensity. The OPPO A554 has two cameras on the front – a 20 MP rear camera and a 5 MP front camera. The front camera is of lower resolution as compared to the rear camera but it comes with a bright LCD display that helps to view the pictures in all lighting situations. The OPPO A554 can be used to capture your favorite moments even when the place of work is crowded.

The OPPO A532S model is the latest and the greatest with respect to features and capabilities. The OPPO A532S has an astounding 3000 lumens brightness which ensures that your video or photographs are properly seen even in low light condition. The built in image processing software of the OPPO A532S ensures that you get best quality images every time. The OPPO A532S is equipped with a media player and also offers complete music facility along with audio visual options. The OPPO A532S has the unique wetronic filtering system which filters unwanted noise and thus ensures that your video is viewed in its best possible quality. The OPPO A532S is an ideal choice for professional photographers and other professionals who are looking for cost effective and efficient mobile phones.

With the OPPO A534S, you can share and upload your photos and videos with your friends via bluetooth. The OPPO A534S has an amazing water resistant feature which lets you take an outdoor photo or video knowing that the phone is completely protected from water. You also have a choice of two removable batteries which ensure that you can use the handset according to the time. The OPPO A544 has a huge memory space which lets you store more data. You can store the same data in the memory of other devices and still continue to enjoy the same level of connectivity.

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