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According to Pastor Ron Tucker, there are three types of angel visitations: Clear angelic interventions, hunches, and sensory directives. I am posting about experiences I’ve had that cover each type of angelic visitation.

We live in an era of uncertainty. Are we going to be attacked by North Korea? Will there be an EMP attack? How safe are we? Are our cities safe? By no means should we ignore common sense means to protect ourselves. We should not let the knowledge of angelic interventions super cede common sense. I believe that angels protect us when we cannot protect ourselves. They give us directives and it’s up to us to follow them. 212 angel number

Angelic visit number one: I was in Europe in 1970. I attended a dance in the next door hotel. I left the dance about 1:15 am and was followed out the door by two men. One left and the other followed me, grabbed my arm and held a firm grasp on me. As we walked the distance between the two hotels, I decided I would scream at the top of my lungs if no one was in the lobby of my hotel when we walked in. I didn’t need to scream. Five men were walking down the steps and into the lobby when we walked in. They were all from our touring party. My “friend” immediately took off. They told me that they had been looking for me.

One of the members of the touring party, Anna Maria Alberghetti had a nightmare about my situation. She became hysterical and insisted that they come looking for me.

The next day she explained my situation to me in detail. She dreamt about the events as they were happening! Yes, there are angels of hope.

Angelic visit number two: I was driving down highway 270 at eighty miles per hour. I got the strong impression to slow down or there would be a head-on collision. I ignored it, thinking it was a figment of my imagination. A few minutes later, the same hunch came to me. This time it was a little stronger. I ignored it again. A few minutes after that, the impression hit me like a thunderbolt. I knew that a head-on awaited me if I did not slow down. I reduced speed about thirty miles per hour.

As I approached the exit to highway forty-four, I saw a Volkswagen coming up the exit going in the wrong direction! Had I not slowed down, I may well have hit that volkswagon as I exited the highway on that same ramp.

Angel visit number three: About three weeks after Thanksgiving about twenty years ago, I was considering eating a bite of turkey. I suddenly heard a loud voice say “No, don’t.” One good whiff of that turkey and I threw it away. I would have been very sick.


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